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Ver Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 22 en línea en buena calidad 7 Vistos.

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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 22
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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 22

Duracion: 0n
Publicacion: 10 Agosto 2023
Sinopsis :
After walking forever, they reach a door, hoping to be the deep chamber, which turns out to be more stairs. They reach another door leading down to more staris, but notice another door. They know one is a trap, so they head for the other door. Which is a good thing because the first door (the one with the stairs) was indeed a trap.
They enter a room, where they meet this chicken monster named Tiiba. He reveals Rezo ""hired"" him to do some research in his lab, because some their are some spells only monsters could cast. Lina demands him to take them to the deepest chamber, or she'll eat him.
He brings them back where they first started, and stands on a what to be a platform to a short cut to the deepest chamber. They are now in front of a door, that only can be open with magic. Naturally, Lina steps up and opens the door. They enter the chamber, filled with many items. They have to look at every item that might be Rezo's legacy.
Slyphiel notices the Tiiba wandering off, and she
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