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Ver Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 11 en línea en buena calidad 6 Vistos.

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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 11
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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 11

Duracion: 0n
Publicacion: 10 Agosto 2023
Sinopsis :
Lina wants to meet a prince named Philionel who is suppose to pass a way she is going. Gourry is bored, and decides to go to the next town. While Gourry is refreshing himself in a river, he hears someone calling for help. A bandit demands an average joe for his stuff. Gourry is about to save him, but a clumsy girl named Amelia saves the day.
Meanwhile with Lina, she waits, but no one comes. She retreats to the next town. While having dinner, she is approached by two men, one saying that he is the Prince Philonel and shows Lina the sign or the royal crest to prove he is a prince. Randy, the other guy tells Lina in their need for help. A monster has been terrifying the village and they want her help to defeat them (and their boss), whose staying nearby in a cave.
Lina agrees after they promise her a reward, and they enter the cave. We find out that the other guy, is actually the Prince's brother, Randy, and lured them (particually the prince) into a trap, hoping to kill him. Th
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