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Ver Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 05 en línea en buena calidad 11 Vistos.

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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 05
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Slayers (Los Justicieros) Temporada 01 Episodio 05

Duracion: 0n
Publicacion: 10 Agosto 2023
Sinopsis :
Lina wakes up as she hangs with Zelgadis and his two minions watching her (Rodimus is watching guard outside). They tell her about how Gourry abandoned her, and asks her about the Orihalcon statue.
Lina whispers... ""The Orihalcon statue..."" and Zolf leans in. Lina screams in his ear, which pisses him off. Zolfcalls for Noonsa, a fish creature with arms and legs to kiss her. Noonsa does a deep kiss (which is putting her whole head into his mouth), and she is very disgusted about it. Lina kicks Noonsa away and starts to call Zolf a third rate wizard, which really pisses him off now. He gags her, and starts to call her everything she's not (a fifth rate wizard, a boobless girl, a girl with ugly hair) and she screams for him to stop.
Zelgadis figures out that she doesn't have it, and must of gave it to Gourry. Lina then tells him she did a protection spell on the statue so that no magic whatsoever could locate it.
Gourry wanders to the next town and sees a girl who looks like Lina.
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