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Ver Renai Boukun Temporada 01 Capitulo 10 en línea en buena calidad 23 Vistos.

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Modo Cine
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Renai Boukun Temporada 01 Capitulo 10
5.6 IMDB
7.8 KP

Renai Boukun Temporada 01 Capitulo 10

Duracion: 24
Publicacion: 29 Diciembre 2022
Categoria Renai Boukun / Animes
Sinopsis :

Seiji is happy to be spending time by himself, only for Akane, Yuzu, Guri and Shikimi to all turn up at the same time. After spending the day with them Seiji tries to take a bath but his privacy is repeatedly invaded. Later with Akane in the garden Seiji keeps his promise and kisses her. At night the girls all sleep in Seiji’s room while Seiji sleeps in the living room, however in the morning all the girls have moved into the living room with him. Aqua returns, sees Seiji with four girls and punishes him. Seeing Aqua is upset Guri promises to help Aqua get some attention from Seiji. Aqua questions whether Guri has any actual feelings for Seiji. Stolas the Penguin returns, stronger than before. While escaping Aqua is defended by Korari. Aqua, tired of being afraid, stands up to Stolas and kicks him in the face. Seiji arrives to protect Aqua but finds she no longer needs protecting. Aqua realises her brother is still the same person he always was, despite his multiple girlfriends. Guri worries that something is missing between her and Seiji. Shikimi offers to talk with Guri about it and they disappear together.

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